Sales Lead Tracker® (SLT) is the most comprehensive software solution which helps in handling the various processes of marketing and sales.


A sale starts with an opportunity which is in fact the result of extensive groundwork. A well managed opportunity always is a very good prospect for sale. SLT helps in managing all the opportunities in an organized and systematic manner. SLT maps the opportunities directly to the products and their related activities in real time. Home

The opportunities are mapped to the marketing team members, who are assigned further to put in their various efforts to win the opportunity. The various tasks like telephonic calls, product demonstrations, sending of mailers, sending of quotations are all tracked according to their incidence. One of the most striking added feature is that SLT also manages all the out going letters enabling the marketing team to keep track of all the document that have been generated.


SLT acts as a centralized controlling tool which delegates and alerts the marketing team about the various activities which have to be done. SLT manages and acts as an Activity Scheduler. Every activity schedule is displayed when the marketing and sales team member log's in.

Every groundwork and activity which the team has done receives a proper overseeing by the SLT due to which our product helps you and your team in reaching the final target of a WINNING SALE….Always…..


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